Ninjago Party Inspiration

My oldest child wanted a Ninjago themed birthday party for his 7th birthday. I thought, “Ok, let me look for party supplies online”. To my surprise, this is not a commercialized theme and party supplies are hard to find. There are some that are digitally made and hand made, so I thought that I’d post this for other mom’s out there who’s child has chosen this theme and are struggling with party supplies and inspiration. Enjoy!

6f88cdf479dad9572c606eb0934f11cd-d4bjzlf 81KuDqNAq9L._SL1000_ 5749960845_b62eb6f1ec_b 5749961099_6bd94bb31b_b 5749961099_6bd94bb31b_b-1 5750505568_baef191395_b 5750505642_a58b9a5183_b 5750505790_9eecc1917a_b 5750505862_5949994dc8_b how-to-draw-cole,-ninjago how-to-draw-jay,-ninjago how-to-draw-kai,-kai-ninjago how-to-draw-sensei-wu,-ninjago how-to-draw-zane,-ninjago keep-calm-and-ninjago-6 lego_ninjago_spinjitzu_destroyer_lord_garmadon_by_jettheninja12-d4wy7fs lego_ninjago_wallpaper_by_artifypics-d5g2dt4 lego_temple_of_wu_by_icedune-d4ww9u5 Lego-Ninjago-copy lego-ninjago05 my_ninjago_motivational_by_silverninja01-d5srsh5 ninja_of_the_wind_cover_by_black_sparow-d5dfx14 ninja_of_the_wind_wip_by_black_sparow-d5dfnbv Ninjago Ninjago 1 Ninjago 2 ninjago_brand_1024x768 ninjago_by_spacethehedgehog-d56i68u Ninjago_Nya04 ninjago_senseiwu_1024x768 ninjago_wallpaper_by_artifypics-d5evkwx ninjago_winter___badge_by_legotemper-d5mrtn9 the_gold_ninja_by_speedza_demon-d5o771p

*I’m working on credits to the images*


About Suzanne

Wife and mother of two beautiful boys, ages 4 1/2 & 2 1/2.
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